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 February 3, 2018            Our Heart is in Baseball

 April 14, 2018                 From Cactus League to Major League

 May 12, 2018                  Back to the Future!!

 June 2, 2018                   Beach Blanket Baseball

 July 7, 2018

 August 18, 2018

 September 29, 2018     


 All brunches  will be held at the  

        Best Western 7 Seas 411 Hotel Circle South San Diego 92108                                           


New Year, New Friends

By Kris Hardesty. Photos by Rick& Pati Zambori

Our speaker at our February 3rd Madres’ “Opening Day” was Verónica Nogueira Macedo, the Padres’ Manager of Community Relations, Player and Family Relations, and Hispanic Outreach. She is our new Madres’ liaison from the Padres, having taken over for Sue Botos, who retired.

Veronica was born and raised in Mexico City. She grew up around sports, her brothers played baseball and she played softball competitively. At 14 she went to the Softball World Series.

Although her team didn’t win it was a great experience.

She worked in marketing in Mexico. Wanting to get into sports she found a sports management program at SDSU. This program also had connections to the Padres. As part of the program, after the class portion was done an internship was needed to complete the program. The Padres asked her to work for them in their outreach program at and for the area of the Dominican Republic where there baseball academy is. She worked there from 2008- 2012. In 2012 she returned to San Diego working in the Community Relations department where she has now moved into her new position. Verónica has enthusiastically assured us that she’ll be providing speakers for our monthly brunches, drawing from the Padres’ front office staff, administration, ballpark operations, broadcast team, and coaching staff, as well as players and others for us.

APRIL 2018


By Kris Hardesty; Photos by Rick and Pati Zambori

Bryan Mitchell joined us for our April brunch.  Before he came to the mike, Rickie gave us a bit of information on him.  Bryan was drafted in 2009 by the New York Yankees out of high school.  He made his MLB debut in 2014. Bryan married his wife Kara in December of last year and a week later he was traded to the Padres.  (Kara also joined us with Bryan.) Rickie told us of a time when Bryan not only pitched in a game, the 9th inning, but also played 1st base in the 10th so he could return and pitch again in the 10th. (Bryan told us more about it later)    Bryan stepped foot in San Diego for the first time on March 28th, and made his Padres’ debut 5 days later.

Bryan came to the mike and took questions.  Asked what was the difference between pitching in the National League vs the American League? He commented that the one obvious thing is pitching to the pitcher, and some of them can hit. Other than that it’s about the same, they both have the same caliber of hitters.

He told us that high school was the last time he hit regularly.   In the American League he never took batting practice, expect maybe a day or two prior to playing a National League game.  He was then asked his batting average; “it’s currently pretty good, I think its .500, I’m trying to keep it that way”.   Asked where he was from, he told us Reidsville, North Carolina.   He had committed to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) to play college baseball  but he was drafted so he did not attend.  

His wife, Kara, was asked how was it getting adjusted so quickly to San Diego? She said it was very easy “San Diego is a fantastic city and we love it”.   Bryan added that as soon as they got traded, Chase Headley’s wife reached out and helped them with information on the city, where to try to live, etc.  Thank you Bryan and Kara for joining us, best of luck with your future career with Padres, we will be rooting for you!

MAY 2018


By Marcia Mengel; Photos by Rick & Pati Zambori

Rickie introduced us to our Padres’ guest, Tom Seidler, the Padres Senior Vice President of Community & Military Affairs. She told us he had a lot to brag about, especially about how the Padres supported the Rady  Children’s Hospital Celebration of Champions fund raiser. Tom responded that was one of the  coolest events the Padres have done.

He told us about himself. “My career up to now has been working with minor league clubs in lots of  different places. I didn’t care where I lived, I loved going to a ballpark. I especially love going to our ballpark here.” Baseball has been part of Tom’s family for years. “The O’Malleys are my blood. I was proud of the way my grandfather Peter O’Malley ran the Dodgers. The family owned the Dodgers for about 50 years and the Dodgers won 6 World Series during that time. We sold the Dodgers in ’98.”   Tom told us he and his wife have a 10 month old son. “He will be a Padre. He’s been to 6 games this year and the Padres won all of them. Because of his bedtime, he isn’t able to attend many more games.”  When asked what it’ll take to get the Padres into a winning team. “Every winning team starts with a young nucleus that can stay together for a long time. We have the beginning of that now. Everything that happened in the minors the last 2 years has been very promising. The guys are healthy. In a couple of years we will be a winning team, a team that stays together. And, we will be able to do what we did recently: beat the Dodgers 2 out of 3 games.”

Along that line of thought, “Andy and AJ had their contracts extended. They know it’ll take 5 or 6 years to get this right and we are 3 years into that. Other teams have tried short cuts, and that hasn’t worked. We all have a lot of faith in Andy and A.J. They are trying creative things that are leading toward that goal. We are about half way there. So, in 2 or 3 years we should be in the World Series.” 

The Madres Are Gr-r-r-r-reat!


By Kris Hardesty; Photo by Rick and Pati Zambori

Rickie Sevadjian introduced of player guest by telling us his “playing career”: in elementary he played the violin, in high school he played the bass and currently plays rhythm guitar and is lead singer in the Travis d’Arnaud band…..Oops (Chase whispers in her ear) and then she said “Chase d’Arnaud Band” (Travis is Chase’ brother). The day of our brunch also happened to be the anniversary of his MLB debut, June 24th , 2011. Rickie then led us in singing Happy Anniversary to Chase, Chase added “cha, cha, cha” at the appropriate spots, along with dance moves. Rickie went on with her introduction letting us know that in that debut he hit a triple and that he has played for the Pirates, Phillies, Braves, Red Sox and now the Padres. Chase added “California” with a big smile on his face. She also let us know that Madre member Janet Slayen is Chase’s aunt.

After saying hello, his first comment was that he wasn’t expecting such a large group. It was so great walking in to all the applause he said “I felt like a king walking in”.

Chase attended Pepperdine on a scholarship and he didn’t plan on playing ball for a living. But in his junior year he started getting calls from clubs saying they wanted to draft him in the 3rd or 4th round. He said it was at that point it hit him “oh wow, I realized I was that good, I better get an agent”. He was drafted by the Pirates in his junior year. He played in the minors for Pittsburg from 2009 until 2011. In 2010 while playing for Altoona Curves he was selected for the All Star game, and so was his brother.  That was the last time the two have played together. In 2011, Chase made his MLB major league debut against the Red Sox and in his first at bat hit a triple off of Jon Lester.

Chase told us about his band he started while in the Braves organization. He started it in 2015 and in 2016, Chase and his band opened for Lady Antebellum at the County Fair just outside Atlanta, GA;  played a set at Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tn., and headlined at legendary Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Ga. He actually lived with the band during parts of 2016.

Chase married his wife Kaitlyn in December of 2016. He talked about how his son, Jagger, was to be born in about 1 week (induction scheduled for July 3). Jagger had plans of his own and was born on June 26th.

Chase has so much personality it is hard to convey it on paper, but one of the last comments from the crowd puts a light on it “if baseball and music don’t work out for you, you can do standup comedy!”

Unfortunately, since Chase visited us he has been designated for assignment by the Padres. The Madres want to wish Chase all the best in whatever comes next and wish to congratulate Chase and Kaitlyn on the birth of their son Jagger.


By Kris Hardesty; photos from internet

Padre's POV Host, Michelle Margaux is originally from Sacramento. She came to San Diego the first time to attend University of San Diego where she studied Communications graduating in 2014. While attending USD she interned at Fox Sports San Diego in the first year that it covered the Padres. After graduating she took a job as a sports anchor and reporter at a station in Corpus Christi, TX. She always wanted to come back to San Diego, as she explained it, she asked adamantly about coming back to San Diego. She would ask her boss every month about an opening in San Diego, and it finally happened. She joined Fox San Diego in 2016 and took over the POV show as well as filled in as side line reporter on the game broadcasts. This year she primarily does the POV show.

Taking questions from the floor she was asked where the story ideas for “POV” come from? She explained that as co-producer of the show she gets pick the story ideas. She likes to find out what the player enjoys doing and they will incorporate that into the show. She told us she is an avid baseball fan. When asked how she became such an avid fan,  she replied what after her parents divorced, she would come home to an empty house after school. The only thing “live” on TV was Oakland A’s baseball. Although at the time she didn’t like baseball, she felt watching something live was much better than recorded TV programs. Watching the live broadcast made her feel part of what was going on and she grew to love baseball. Then when she moved to San Diego to go to school she became a Padre fan.

The San Diego Madres want to thank Michelle for joining us and to keep up the great work on those POV show.

Hawaiian Mahalo Madres

Our July media guest was someone well known and well loved by the Madres-Mark (Mud) Grant!

Mark was first round draft pick by the San Francisco Giants in 1981 and made his major league debut April 27, 1984. He was traded to Padres in 1987. Grant played for the Padres through 1990 when he was dealt to the Atlanta Braves. After pitching for other MLB teams, Mark retired from baseball in 1996.

He began broadcasting the Padres games on TV in 1997, first on Channel 4 and now for Fox Sports San Diego. He has had many broadcast partners starting with Mel Proctor, then Matt Vasgersian followed by Dick Enberg. He is now partnered with Don Orsillo.

While introducing him Rickie told us her favorite Mark story. One day while broadcasting a game with Dick Enberg Mark announced he was going to run for President of the United States. So Dick asked Mark what his platform would be. Mark replied “love, I love everybody”. Rickie said he believes we would all vote for him and I think she’s right.

When Mark got to the microphone his comment was “Make America Hug Again” He told us how this year is the 30th anniversary of being traded to the Padres; if that had not happened his whole current life scenario most likely doesn’t happen.

Mark reminded us about his family; he and his wife Mary have 3 kids, Andrew, Aidan and Alexis. Andrew

graduated from college this past June. Alexis will start at San Diego State this coming fall. He told us they live in Alpine (as he always refers to his home) “the double wide in Alpine with the goats and the pigs”. Of course he is just kidding, they don’t have goats or pigs.

He started to talk about now working with Don Orsillo. First he told us his motto “growing old is mandatory,

growing up is optional”. He feels that while working with Dick Enberg he matured, which was not a bad thing. When Don came around, he said, “It knocked me down about 30 years”. If people knew what went on between innings or pitches, Oh Boy!

After telling many more stories, too many to be able to report them, he opened the floor to questions. A

comment was made about his keys to the game and that he shouldn’t get a bad grade for his keys when it’s the players that don’t play up to them. He thanked the member for the nice comment. He then confessed that the “keys to the game” are not only his thoughts; he told us that he and Jesse Agler get together each morning over coffee and come up with them. After getting the correct number of wins the Padres had (as of that day) he gave us a little nugget to see if people are paying attention; “Do you know the Padres are 46-0 when out scoring their opponent”?  Think about it.

After answering a question about how he marks his score card when the shift is on, he asked us a question; Team 10 or team 9? He wanted to know how many thought “batting around” meant 10 players bat or 9 players bat. He is team 10 and so were most of the Madres.

There was so much more but this newsletter is only so long. As always, the Madres wish the best to Mark and his family and we hope we see you around Petco. Oh, and say Hi to Don, and give him a poke with your pointer for us.

Tribute to Tony

A Triples’ Threat

By Kris Hardesty; Photos by Rick & Pati Zambori

Our player guest in August was Luis Perdomo. He was originally signed by the St. Louis Cardinals as an international free agent in November 2010. He made his professional debut in 2011 with the Dominican Summer League Cardinals. In 2015 played with the Peoria Chiefs. In July he was selected to play in the All-Star Futures Game as an injury replacement for Alex Reyes. He was picked up by the Colorado Rockies as a rule 5 draft in 2016 and almost immediately traded to the Padres. He made his Padres debut on April 4, 2016. OnAugust 28, he threw his first complete game, earning a 3–1 victory over the Miami Marlins.

Rickie pointed out in her introduction that Luis has 4 hits this year, no singles, 1 double and 3 triples. This is not a feat done by many pitchers, hitting three triples in one season. Andy Green has even used Luis as a pinch hitter.

With help from Eduardo Ortega interpreting Luis answered questions from the group. First he was asked how long he has been playing baseball. He said he started at age 11 and he was 17 when the Cardinals drafted him. He was asked to tell us about his family. He told us he was raised by a single mom; he has two step brothers and one step sister. His sister has been staying with him for the summer.

 When asked who on the team he looked at as a mentor he told us that last year both Fernando Rodney and Carlos Villanueva were very helpful. This year he has had great help with both baseball and English from Jhoulys Chacin. He also mentioned that Darren Balsley has been very beneficial to his pitching.

It was asked if the teams help the young players learn English? He explained that all the teams are working to teach them English, they do it at the Caribbean academies. He also added that he can speak English enough to go out, go shopping and such; but he is still more comfortable speaking Spanish.

Luis, the Madres wish you further success and will be cheering for that 4th triple.

The Spanish Voice-Eduardo Ortega 

By Kris Hardesty

Eduardo Ortega is a Mexican-American baseball broadcaster. He has worked as the Spanish language broadcaster of the San Diego Padres of Major League Baseball for 30 years now. Ortega began announcing baseball in Mexico when he was 20 years old. He works for ESPN Deportes during the MLB postseason, and has also announced 17 MLB All-Star Games, 22 World Series games and the World Baseball Classic. He was a finalist for the Ford C. Frick Award in the 2013 balloting, and again in 2014.

While introducing him Rickie told us he was born in Tijuana but became a US citizen in 2009. He entered the Tijuana Sports Hall of Fame in 2004 and the Hispanic Heritage Museum and Hall of Fame in 2013. She also related a story about Eduardo that she had heard. It seems that when he was a young boy growing up in Tijuana he and his friends would play baseball after school. But not being too good at it he would end up in right field or the bench. So he would sneak off, climb a nearby tree, turn it into his pretend broadcast booth and announce the game going on below him.

Eduardo spoke to us about how baseball is growing, how players are coming from all over the world now; and how it is such a family oriented sport. This year’s All-Star game was his 8th , but last years’ was so special being here in San Diego. He talked about the Padres Dominican Academy, how it was not much at all until John Moores put up the money for it and now it is one of the best in the world. He told us how the number of Latin players has grown and pointed out that almost half of the Padres roster is of Latin decent. He also informed us that 24 of the 30 MLB teams are now broadcasting at least part of their scheduled games in Spanish.

He then began to talk about Tony Gwynn, whom we were honoring that day at our meeting. He began by saying what a great role model Tony was and how humble he was about his own accomplishments. Eduardo told us of how after Tony had gotten his 1,000th  hit, Eduardo was talking with him and said to Tony “ wow, a double off of Nolan Ryan”.  Tony’s reply, “actually it wasn’t a double, the outfielder lost it in the lights”.

Eduardo went on to recount Tony’s 2000th and 3000th hits, and how they were both on Tony’s’ mom’s birthday. He says now that it is so special to have Tony Jr in the booth; if you close your eyes you can just hear Tony Sr. and you get goose bumps.

On Deck for the Madres!

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