San Diego Madres




Please answer the following questions:

1.    Is your league outside San Diego County? _____

2.    Is your league associated with a public or private school? _____

3.    Is your league a traveling league? _____

4.    Is your league an All-Star league? _____

5.    Is your league a Fall/Winter league? _____

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, your league does not qualify for Madre Sponsorship.  Thank you for your interest in the San Diego Madres.

If you answered NO to ALL of the above questions, please print this application, answer all of the questions, have the league president or authorized representative sign the form and mail it to: (deadline is April 1, 2019).

San Diego Madres

Attn: Youth Baseball Liaison

P.O. Box 600113

San Diego, CA  92160-0113


          1.    Name of League: _______________________________________________________________

          2.    League Address: _______________________________________________________________



          3.    Name of League Contact: __________________-______________________________________

Phone Number: _______________ ________________________________________________

E-Mail Address: _______________________________________________________________

         4.    Number of Teams in league LAST SEASON _______________________________________________

         5.    Number of Challenger teams in league LAST SEASON ______________________________________

         6.    Number of Athletes in league LAST SEASON ______________________________________________

         7.    Number of Challenged Athletes in league LAST SEASON _____________________________________



        ________________________________________ (sign)               _________________

            Authorized League Representative                                                            Date        


        ________________________________________ (print name)