Over 2,000 San Diego County kids are playing organized baseball and softball this  year because of the Madres! During the 2017 season, the Madres distributed almost $25,000, to 43 leagues including 3 Challenger* teams. For a list of 2018 sponsored leagues, please  CLICK HERE

*The Challenger Division of Little League offers children with special needs the opportunity to experience the thrill of baseball, the excitement of hitting a home run, or the pure enjoyment of throwing a runner out at home. Challenger Little League shows the special needs child, as well as the rest of us, that nothing is impossible, as long as the desire is there.


2018 sponsorships will be available soon. The application for sponsorship is available here: 2018 Youth League Sponsorship

For questions, please contact Roi Nieto, Youth Baseball VP at:

At the Madres monthly brunches, a youth representative from one of the Madres' sponsored teams is an invited guest. This young person sits at the head table, gets to meet the other special guests, and addresses the group. 


FEBRUARY 3, 2018
FEBRUARY 4, 2017
UC Del Sol Girls' Fastpitch players share hugs with Thunder, SD Padres Single A team, Lake Elsinore Storm's mascot.
Our February Youth Guests were three young ladies who play for University City Del Sol Girls Fastpitch; Anna Iturriria and her sister Katie along with Samantha Weathers.  Anna and Katie’s dad Ted also joined us. Katie, 8, and Samantha, 7, both play for the Blue Dolphins.  Anna, who is 9, plays for the Neon Strike.  

April 22, 2017

                                                                                                                                                           April Youth Player

                                                              By Roi Nieto, Photo by Rick Zambori

Our Youth Player for April was Diesel Rye. Diesel is an 11 year who plays with Mission Trails Little League. He was accompanied by his Mom Jennifer and his sister Trinity. Diesel is a delightful young man and we

enjoyed him being with us. He's been playing baseball since he was seven. He wears what is called the tools of ignorance, that is, he's a catcher and loves every part of it. He says he likes being catcher because "he gets to be in charge of everything"! He's favorite team is the Anaheim Angels and Mike Trout is his favorite player. He did say that the Padres were he's second favorite team! He's in the fifth grade and attends Christ Lutheran. He's favorite subject is math and he wants to be a Pro Baseball Player when he grows up. We thank you Diesel for being with us and we wish you all the best and success in your future.


May 20, 2017

Youth Player of the Month

By Rickie Sevadjian; Photo by Rick Zambori

Our youth player was Alex DeRose from Encanto Little League. He and his mom Kim were invited to join us by Pati Zambori. Pati reported, “Kim DeRose was our liaison at the Encanto Little League field a couple of weeks ago when Judy McGuire and Rick and I sold drawing tickets (in the rain!) for our Madres fundraiser. Kim single-handedly stomped through both grandstands and sold over 100 tickets for us, all by herself!!! She is delightful, and I am thrilled for her and her son to be here.”

Alex told us, “My name is Alex DeRose. Thank you, Madres, for letting me come here. I’m eleven years old. One of my favorite baseball teams is the Giants. What I love about baseball is this year, my little brother and I are on the same team.”

Alex, dressed in his baseball uniform for a game later in the day, told us that he plays third base and catcher, with third being his favorite. He has played for five years.

He follows the Padres “off and on” and named them his second-favorite team, after the


Alex has played soccer, and he counts photography and making things among his hobbies. He doesn’t know yet what he wants to be when he grows up, but currently in the sixth grade, he has plenty of time to decide.


June 24, 2017
Photo Collage by Rick and Pati Zambori


By Kris Hardesty

Our youth player this month was Charlie Dominguez. His mom Stacie, dad Chris and little sister Mia also joined us. Stacie was a great help when the Madres attended the La Mesa Little League games selling our cruise raffle tickets. Charlie plays for the La Mesa Little League Cubs. He is 11 years old and have been playing Little League for 7 years. He plays 1st base and pitches, 1st base is his favorite. His favorite Padre player is Wil Myer. Charlie also likes to play soccer and basketball. When not outside playing, his other hobbies are video games and Legos. His uniform sleeve had some initials on it, when asked what they were for he told us it was to honor a team member’s mom who had died of cancer. Charlie was asked what he wants to do when he grows up, he told us he wants to be a robotics engineer. That’s a new one!

Charlie the Madres wish you good luck in your baseball and in your future plans.


YOUTH PLAYER OR THE MONTH- Girls Can Too Play Baseball!"

By Kris Hardesty; Photos by Rick and Pati Zambori

Our youth guest in August was Lexi Williams. She is 9 years old and is Jr Miss San Diego East.

She also plays BASEBALL-not softball-for the Lakeside American Little League Padres. This is her second year to play. She has played catcher and outfield. When asked who her favorite player is she said “me”. But when asked her favorite MLB player is she said Yadier Molina. But her favorite MLB team is the Padres.

She has been participating in pageants for a couple of years. She got interested when she found out her friends who also volunteer at the VFW were participating in them. They are not based on

beauty or individual talent. They perform as group but then are asked a variety of questions.

She was accompanied by her Mom and Dad. They are all close friends with Madre members Simon King and Gladys Walker.

When asked what she wants to do when she grows up she told us she want to be a singer and a baseball player.

Thanks for visiting with us Lexi and good luck in the future.